What exactly is a Soul Mate?

As a specialist in this topic, I have been giving an operationalized definition of what a Soul Mate is. “A Soul Mate is the one and only person, God made especially for you, who is best equipped to help you both find and fulfill your purpose in life.” Therefore, a Soul Mate is made primarily for purpose. Ideally, because this person is best equipped to help you find and fulfill (begin and build) your purpose, then they would also be best equipped to be your ordained spouse.  Unfortunately, this does not always occur.  An ordained spouse is someone who is meant to walk out the path of your purpose and assist you in fulfilling it.  This person often has the same or very similar purpose.

Due to the intricacies of this information, Dr. Dave offers specialized consultative services to help guide someone to discovering their inner self through a process of self-reflection.  This process uses models and theories he has developed that assist with soul mate preparation and identification.

"A Soul Mate is meant for purpose...the rest is up to you."  - Dr. Dave "The Soul Mate Specialist"

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